Notre Dame vs USC Rivalry Established in 1926

Dating back to 1926, the USC/Notre Dame rivalry is easily one of, if not the, premier rivalry in college football. Dating back to 1926, these two legendary football programs battle it out for the Jeweled Shillelagh, and, most years, for the right to play in a championship game.

A popular theory about the origins of the rivalry suggest that the USC athletic director Gwynn Wilson, looking for a national rival, went to visit Nebraska as they were playing Notre Dame to propose a game with the team each year. Story goes, Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne's wife was convinced by Wilson's wife that a trip to Southern California would be much nicer than a trip to a then barren (and extremely cold) Nebraska.

Other theories insist that because USC was looking for a tough rival, the thought of bringing in a tough team like Notre Dame would drive up ticket sales for USC Football, and please fans and alums of Notre Dame to have an excuse to travel to Southern California.

No matter the origin, fans of both teams can expect a highly competitive and exciting game between these two football behemoths each year.

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