Santa Picks USC as Rose Bowl winners

The North Pole Sports Network has tapped Santa for his yearly Rose Bowl prediction. In years past, Santa’s choice has been deliberated over days (even weeks) of intense conversation and game tape review. In an unprecedented move, when hearing the teams that were playing, Santa chose in a record setting 5 minutes.

“I get it, I see Penn State and what they have done this year.” Santa said, to NPSN press, “But if you put them up against a USC team that has gone undefeated for the past 8 games? A team that will have home field advantage and has demonstrated Rose Bowl dominance for decades? I don't think this is a real question.”

Santa isn’t wrong either: USC has 34 Rose Bowl appearances and 24 victories as opposed to Penn States 4 appearances and 1 victory. Mrs. Claus, who tends to be contradictory to Santa’s pick to make things interesting, couldn't justify giving Penn State the edge in this one either. “Any other team in the bowl, I would give it more thought.,” said Mrs. Claus. “There are just too many factors giving USC the edge.”

Now that Santa has made his pick, he suggests for all USC fans to grab their Blingware tumbler and get to Tailgating. “Part of the reason I think USC has the edge is because of their die-hard fans who tailgate each and every game. No doubt that the USC Blingware tumbler will be a popular gift this holiday season for USC fans, especially since I have money on the game.”

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