Blingware: Made, Packaged, Shipped, Recycled

Here at Blingware, we can't help but be environmentally conscious. We see the effects everyday, and that is why we try and inject a bit of Green into everything we do.

At the Blingware production facility, we recycle ALL of our packing and shipping boxes for our cases that we ship country wide, which reduces our paper and cardboard intake. Our packing material that we use, for individual orders as well, is environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

But Blingware doesn't just focus on making our shipping process green, we are also tirelessly working on making our production process as fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly as possible. Every piece of material that can be reused in our process, is. End of story! Everything from rings, slightly blemished cups, and even the paint used in our screen printing process is put back to work to make samples for new schools and properties.

At Blingware, it's not just our product thats championship caliber, but our dedication to greatness in production as well. We look forward to advancing manufacturing into a new, environmentally friendly age, right here in our hometown.

See the quality for yourself, order the new 2017 Commemorative Mount Union Blingware today.

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