The Championship Ring: Origins

The legacy of the championship ring can be traced back to the 1927 New York Yankee, who gave a ring to each member of the team after their sweeping World Series victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since then, Championship winners not only in the MLB, but the NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, and even NASCAR have been given a ring to wear in celebration of their championship victory.

The ring not only symbolizes victory at the highest level of sport, but also epitomizes the hard work and dedication each team member puts in to get to that point. But perhaps, most importantly, the Championship Ring represents the pride of the fans and the city that has gotten the team to that point.

Each fans dedication and passion drives these athletes to greatness. With the Blingware line of products, fans can proudly wear a Championship ring along with their favorite team, so you too can celebrate the passion, dedication, and triumph of a teams Championship legacy.

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